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The Question and Answer came from

Crochet Chat


Crochet World

June 2006

Volume 29 No. 3



"Is it legal to photocopy patterns and swap them with other crocheters?"

Melissa Adams

Dennis, Mass.



"Dear Melissa,

It never really was, but people did it and no one minded. However, with the advent of the Internet, copying has truely become problematic. Copyrighted material is being blatantly copied and reproduced on Web sites, without obtaining the designer or publisher's permission.

So what is legal? You can exchange or sell entire magazines, books and patterns books-and the actual pages from those publications. However, photocopies, along with Internet files, digital scans or any other reproductions of copyrighted material are illegal. You'll notice that we've changed our Crochet Potpourri information box to reflect these current guidelines."







I get alot of Questions that deal with this like:


Will You photocopy a pattern for me?


No its is illegal



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