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6mm to Z Scale

Question: Will 6mm and Z scale work together

Yes you can, but thee is still a slight differnece in size.

Z Scale = 1:220


6mm = 1:260

6mm scale buildings are intended for use with historical miniatures games, and are compatible with ranges of miniature figures produced by a number of different manufacturers - most of whom seem to have different ideas about how tall the average person is!

In order to ensure maximum compatibility with the different figure sizes, they have designed their buildings and accessories to an average scale of 1:260.

In real life there are buildings that differ in size too. Codes change from year to year changing ceiling heights. This causes buildings to be different heights. In some cases there are large buildings that have been added on to where the floors don't match up from one end of the building to the other.

The photos below show a variety of TimeCast 6mm models with a Marklin Z gauge boxwagon for comparison.

This picture shows a mix of Modern German and Napoleonic German buildings. The boxwagon and track are Marklin Z gauge.

This particular village module is like a small village near Hanover.


This picture shows 1960’s German house, with a garage and greenhouse. The house and garden are based on a real house near Paderborn in Germany


Another view of some of Modern German buildings, in this case the 1960’s house and the apartment block (similar in style to those built by the Bauer company of Stuttgart in the 1960’s).


Another picture of the 1960’s house, showing the garden and greenhouse.

The Volvo car is made by Irregular Miniatures


Another view of the same townscape with the Marklin boxwagon close in for a good comparison.


A close up shot of a modern German house and garage. The Jaguar on the drive is from Irregular Miniatures.

Street lights are scratch built.


1980’s suburban West German village modules, using TimeCast modern German buildings and scenic accessories. The cars are from Irregular Miniatures.

Trees from various manufacturers.


This picture shows a Marklin boxwagon and track section with two of our German town/village bases.


A close up of two Belgian houses with a Marklin boxwagon for comparison.


This picture shows a selection of 19th-20th Century Belgian buildings, with a Marklin boxwagon and a ruler for an indication of the sizes.


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