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Welcome to the On2 Page. On2, what does this mean. "O" indicates we are modeling in O-scale which in North America is a ratio of 1 to 48 or 1:78 or 1 foot in the model equals 48 feet in the real world. O-scale trains run on 9mm track. Standard gauge track in the real world is 4ft 8.5 inches between the rails. The second letter, "n" indicates that instead of standard gauge we are modeling narrow gauge. This could be anything from 18 inches between the rails to 42 inches between the rails. "2" indicates that in fact we are modeling in O-scale railroads that ran on track which was 2 feet between the rails.

(On2 = O-scale Narrow Gauge)

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Because O and On2 are the same scale (but different gauge) you can check out the O page for more items than those listed here.
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