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Mad City 2009

Madison WI

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Glacial Railways Layout

The silo stand above everyone head at show

Milwaukee NTRAK layout

3mm T Gauge

Kalmbacks Booth

WIS-ILL Layout

They even have the historical Milton House on the layout

Madison O-Scale Layout

Capital City N Gineers Layout

Thomas the Tank and Friend where even riding around

Iron Horse Booth

with UP and Budweiser equiment on display

Overland Western Lines Layout


Fond du Lac Society of Model Railroad Hobbyist Layout

Schultz United Shows Booth

Badgerland S Gaugers Layout


Looking what under the layout

Sunnyvale and Govemont Layout

Shows what can be done in small spaces

Unknow Display

This is a layout in a corner hutch

Great Northen Railway Historical Society Display

Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Display

Southern Wisconsin Sandhouse Crew Layout

Edmond Fitzgerald Dispaly

Rusty Rail Layout

Wisconsin & Michigan Model RR Club Layout

The Toy Barn Display

This one was very intresting

The barn spins around as the train goes around it

The layout the trains would do one lap and then the next would automatically go as the other then waited for it turn again

Cedar Ceek Central Layout

I was an HO and HOn3 Layout


Hope you enjoyed the show

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